Dear ladies and gentlemen

We are glad to present some information to you about Tyumen Consulting Company. The company does its best to perform the duties professionally and remain decent in any situation as well as to preserve confidentiality of the information, received in the process of its activities.
We profess the civil law and taxation law. Especially we are good in the field of bankruptcy proceedings, corporate consulting services and complicated judicial disputes, which consist of several interrelated legal proceedings, as a rule.

Tyumen Consulting Company  company was created in 2002 as a compact well-structured regional consulting company, capable to perform its duties on the domestic territory and beyond.  At present the company has grown to become a well-managed, mobile, structurally and financially stable organization, having the necessary infrastructure which is directly connected with performing of the consulting activities.

We are convinced that the company’s success is based on three main components:
  1. Rigorous pursuit of the principles, chosen when the company was founded;
  2. Creation of effective company’s organizational structure and its continuous improvement with the purpose to make sure that the internal structure fits the external environment in which business is conducted;
  3. Ongoing work for a better team spirit as well as creation of possibilities for professional and personal growth of each team member.

For sixteen years of work experience our clients trusted more than 600 cases to Tyumen Consulting Company. Company work efficiency on judicial remedy and protection of clients’ interests amounts to more than 90%.

Company practice basically is concentrated on the following directions: legal battles, bankruptcies, corporate consulting, creation of business protection schemes, tax disputes.

Legal battles

One of the company specializations is representing clients’ interests in complicated disputes, consisting of several legal cases as a rule and accompanied by some additional non-judicial affairs. These disputes could be called legal battles.
A strategy directed to achieving the final goal set by client should be worked out. From the other hand a quick and adequate reaction to the adversaries’ actions is needed. As a rule, in such cases a creative approach and unconventional ways of problems’ solutions are required.


One of the most popular business directions of Tyumen Consulting Company. It remains complex maintenance of bankruptcy proceedings, including:
  • Representation of creditors’ interests in bankruptcy proceedings,
  • Legal maintenance, assessment and organizational support of court-receivers’ activities.
Our company specialists applied practically the stored experience and reached significant results in protection of clients’ interests, got positive practice in impeaching debtors’ transactions made shortly before the bankruptcy, which ensures filling the bankrupt’s estate of the debtor by means of which the debts are repaid to the creditors.

Сorporate consulting

Tyumen Consulting Company is ready to help business entities sort out the existing legislative regulation of their activities, work out and implement necessary actions’ algorithms aimed at corporate legislation observation, as well as perform legal maintenance of the most important corporate procedures.
Corporate procedures maintained by Tyumen Consulting Company include:
  • Organization of board of directors’ meetings, general meetings of shareholders of business entities;
  • Procedures of obligatory redemption of shares by a legal entity;
  • Shares buy-up by one of the shareholders.

Creation of business protection schemes

Tyumen Consulting Company is ready to offer schemes of building relations inside the business structure in such a way that the risks, connected to the business conduction, do not harm the property involved in this business.
Such a scheme presupposes the following result: satisfaction of debt to fiscal authorities or other creditors at the expense of property is impossible or at least very hard.

Tax disputes

Tyumen Consulting Company renders consulting services about tax disputes, adhering to the complex approach.
First of all, we work on representing clients’ interests in the arbitration court, and try to reduce the amount of collection of additional taxes, assessed penalties, fines to zero, and if it is not possible to the minimum possible level.
Secondly, if there is a risk of initiation of criminal case on the basis of the tax crime, measures are taken to minimize that risk.
Thirdly, if the forecast of the outcome is unfavorable, a back-up strategy of client interests’ protection is worked out, directed to retention of maximum assets of client’s business.

With best regards and invitation to collaboration,
Team of CJSC «Tyumen Consulting Company»